The SEO audit and choosing the right SEO agency
Avoid the 5 biggest mistakes in the SEO audit. Find out about the benefits and contents of the professional SEO audit and what costs you can expect when choosing an agency. Finally, I will give you tips on how to choose the right search engine optimisation agency.

Search Engine Optimization
More relevant reach in B2B, Saving costs through search engine optimisation, How to get your website to the top. Read here why SEO is extremely important and what you can do yourself.

E-Mail-Marketing is dead! Or?
Emails are still the most popular medium for customer communication. Find out here what is important in e-mail marketing and how you can use automation to convert leads into buyers.

Top 7 Trends for B2B Marketing in 2021
Lockdowns and social distancing have given digitalisation a massive boost. Marketing trends for business customers in 2021 will also be determined by this. Learn all about the 7 most important trends for B2B lead generation this year.

Flyers in pdf can also be edited and corrected in Word. We will tell you what is important and what you need to know in order to save costs and get to customer enquiries quickly.

The Buyer Persona is an ideal typical purchase decision maker for your customers. The Persona is the North Pole, where your marketing should be aligned. Learn how you can create the persona yourself in 7 steps at low cost.

Through the Buyer Persona, all marketing activities are geared to the desired customer. The persona helps to achieve more deals and is of central strategic importance. You can find out what you need to consider here in part 2 of the digital marketing strategy.

Economic and focused on customers: Digital marketing helps B2B companies to increase their sales and stay established on the market in the long term. Here you can find out which focal points you should set for online marketing and which are the appropriate first steps.

Part 1: It is easy to stand out from the competition, as only 30% of companies in the corporate sector use multiple online channels for customer communication. The own website can become the best instrument to initiate contacts. Learn all about online marketing strategy.